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Welcome to the 2nd installment in the "Psychic Secrets" series. 

After "Psychic Secrets Vol 1: Rose Blessing" (which is now sold out), Carlos offers to the community his unique "Meta-Ritual", which he uses every time he shares a moment of Mystery or a Reading with someone.

What is the "Meta-Ritual"? It is an unique ritualistic moment that you experience, as well as your participant and audience (several variants are shared for all situations) .

The Meta-Ritual is applicable in any Mystery Performance and Allied Art (Magic, Mentalism, Hypnosis, Readings, Bizarre, etc) and it will prepare the context and enhance the impact and realism of your performance.

The Meta-Ritual can be as short as 7 seconds, or as long as 10 minutes, so in every situation possible, you can apply it and transform ever moment into a sacred space for Mystery and powerful performance.

If you want new cool tricks, go find them elsewhere. In here you will learn the REAL DEAL about energy work, positive visualization and psychological influence, backed up with modern scientific studies about the state of the art in the power of applied Metaphysics.

If you are REALLY serious about your Mystery Performance, get your  "Psychic Secrets Vol 2: Meta-Ritual" today!

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